5 Papaya Hacks- Get the most out of nature!

Most people use papaya for their salads or eat it raw. They also throw away the leaves and the peel… not us! Papayas are a lot more than just an addictive food. From refreshing face masks to curing dry and frizzy hair, the papaya isn’t as humble as it seems! Read on to find out how you can get more out of them.


A healing skin ointment for acne


A miracle of nature, the Papaya flesh can be used to create a healing skin ointment that can help counter any skin inflammation! How to use it? Mash papaya, mix it with some honey and apply it to the area. The inflammatory properties of the honey paired with papaya can reduce the redness of acne and remove dead skin cells. Papaya can also help unclog all your pores, making you look fresher!


A moisturizing hair mask


Struggling with dry hair? Whip up a papaya, banana and some olive oil into a smooth paste. Proceed to apply the same to your hair and scalp and massage your scalp. Wrap it in a towel for a minimum of 15 minutes and wash it out to have smooth and soft moisturized hair!


Papaya peel skin cleanse


Have some leftover papaya peel from the delicious salad you made earlier? Simmer up cut slices of papaya peel in a mix of olive oil, almond oil, and rosehip oil. The papaya oil you get can then be massaged into your skin with honey and rose water. This mixture will serve the dual purpose of a skin toner and act as a cleanser that deep cleans your skin!


Papaya seed and leaf smoothie


If you wish to ensure good liver health, this is an easy daily juice for you! Simply extract papaya juice from the flesh and the seeds and mix it with some lemon juice. This mix is guaranteed to keep your liver functioning happily at all times!


Want to try some of these papaya hacks for yourself? Use the farm grown organic ones, available here!