Personalized Nutrition- The Future of Health

Today we live in a world of fad diets. A new diet pops up on social media every day, with many touting it as the next big thing. But truth be told, not every diet is for everyone. We’re all unique in our own way, and due to our bodies and lifestyles, we can’t adapt and stay healthy on every diet. This is why a new movement is taking place, the one of personalized nutrition!


What is personalized nutrition?


As we mentioned earlier, we're all unique. Our bodies react better to some foods as compared to others. An everyday application of personalizing one's diet would look like this: You start avoiding garlic because it causes indigestion. You've also switched to almond milk instead of cow's milk because you are lactose intolerant.


While science is still cracking this acorn, we can embrace our bodies and the signs it gives us to design our diet around them! Or, one can always look towards a trained dietary professional! The dietician can help formulate the perfect personalized diet based on your lifestyle and body. These diets serve a double whammy of being readily accepted by your body and highly delicious!


What can we do in the meantime?


As we let the experts do their thing, let’s look into ourselves for a moment. Do certain meats make you feel bloated? Does eating beans or chickpeas make you feel gassy? Do you feel like you move better or slower after you eat something? The answers to these questions and even the questions themselves will be unique to you. Slowly bit by bit, you’ll find out that certain foods are (maybe) making you feel weird; you can skip them and add other foods for your own tailor-made personalized diet.


Remember that an excellent personalized diet needs to be easily digestible and complete with all the nutrients your body needs to function correctly!


Make it easier to enjoy your tailor-made diet. Get the freshest nutrition from the comfort of your living room!